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Trust, Faith and friendly grown

The Waylead Industrial Company Limited was found in 1988, growing and trading in the most highlights mainly in the agriculture products – green coffee beans, and green tea from Myanmar.

Helping Farmers, Helping Us

If someone asks me - Where are you ? I am in coffee shop, if not, I am in the way to coffee shop

Trust, Faith and friendly grown

Health Supplement

Organic Chlorella; Organic Spirulina; CGF OD2000 Powder; Pycocyanin Pigments

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The Waylead lndustrial Company Limited was based in Taiwan, found in 1988, when our coffee plantation started in Myanmar. Above 3,500 feet sea level brought up a good aroma and flavor of Arabica Green Coffee Bean is now becoming to meet the international standard and large strong demand of the worldwide marketplace. Besides, we are also doing join-venture with the local tea farm, growing our best quality of Green Tea and Black Tea at the North West part of Shan State. Moreover, we are also focusing on our own research and development on the Cordyceps Militaris and Antrodia Camphorate in significant realm of health food business.
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