Coffee Journey

Coffee Journey

Coffee Journey

The original Buna was named Buna, in Ethiopia, an area known for the production of coffee, locally produced coffee place names. (Where the coffee begins)

Mon Journal described that Western society civilized enlightenment attributed to the European started drinking coffee. He said : we have such social and cultural progress, part of the credit should be attributed to the - major events that caused innovative items habits, and even change human nature events ─ that is, the emergence of coffee.

Western civilization was born thanks to a cup of espresso, that “certain foods affect the changes of history has indeed been quietly”.

About 1500-3000 years ago, the populations of the world's first coffee as a food by tribes - Oromo people who lived in the ancient Kingdom of Kefa, then Oromo, who did not drink coffee, they used to eat. "Do not roasting your coffee beans in the market (do not tell the secret to a stranger) - of Oromo Rangers proverb at that time. .

In the Sahara, coffee beans have been a symbol of the rights, and the coffee-growing class tribes called the Harash. We can even say that Gali is the first batch of coffee beans tasting. Early Gali applied to the consumption of coffee beans at the ceremony to worship the gods of activities is not an exaggeration.

Ethiopia north of the Egyptians, were the first infected coffee addiction, the Nepenthe - Troy, Princess Helen in order to ease the pain and taking drugs - as is the coffee at earliest time.

Sahara coffee, the most important transfer station, located east of the Red Sea, and then transported by sea to Yemen Port Al-Makkha, also known as Mocha.

After the coffee through the captured Africans into Yemen Port Al-Makkha, at least in the eyes of Westerners, Al-Makkha seems to become a loquat legendary place. Thousand years ago, the Port Al-Makkha and coffee are almost together. African coffee beans is the first to be brought here, Al-Makkha then changed its name to Mocha as is famous for. It is said that about 1200 when an Islamic hermit – Assia Lidy (?) successfully cook the so-called first cup of mocha. Although Ethiopia has long been chewing coffee beans, or the coffee leaves boiled tea to drink, but the coffee made of coffee beans can be said that none other than non-Assia Lidy (?).

To 1400, when the Turks conquered Yemen Mocha coffee, has become commonly by the people of the Islamic countries, as a daily drink. Centuries after the advent of Islam, the Arab people began to drinking coffee.

There once was a shepherd in Afghanistan, he has a group of particularly active goat; shepherds do not understand why his goats so live wildly. One day the farmer found his most active goat mouth is always gnawing in a small red fruit, shepherds curious tasted the fruit, all of a sudden, his body fatigue disappeared, and his thigh also started to have the feeling of excitement.

Mecca for the first time to put pressure on the coffee was in the June 20, 1511, a chief policeman found next to the Grand Mosque in Mecca, a group of people in the middle of the night to drink some drinks, like drinking. Official opposition coffee for three reasons: It will cause intoxication it with alcohol is the same, it should not be allowed: 2. Baha'i prayer before hand to deliver a cup of coffee, this action are closely associated with drinking; 3. Put coffee beans are roasted to the degree of oxidation "the acts prohibited by the Quran, and the canons of Islam especially non-fermented drinks with alcohol, it will stimulate the nerve.

Coffee at the beginning is the close ties of religion, and later then gradually transition strategy and fraud. The things people talk about. As far as the 1680s, Europeans also believe that coffee is a bad thing sucking up all the brain cells, but at that time London has been the center of the world coffee, which freshman cafe called Lloyd's coffee house, it is often a gathering place for a captain and businessman, in order to understand the latest news on the sea.

Whether the French, Dutch, or Ethiopia, they flaunt their own favorite drink coffee messenger. But I think the Turkish people are really drinking coffee. Mocha port was prosperous at that period; it is controlled by the Turks. At that time, a Turkish ambassador coffee introduced to the French. Turkish soldiers and then abandoned at the gates of Vienna with a bag of a bag of coffee and Turkish businessmen but also to the residents along the Adriatic coast fell in love with coffee.

Coffee is the most powerful period of the Ottoman Empire was introduced to Turkey. About 1555 the two Syrians Hakm, and Shams opened a cafe. In fact, as in Iran and other places, as early as of elegant cafes, where no trick religious purposes, even some cafes also offer poetry readings, performances of some more puppet play, or singing performances of the singer. There is a famous Ottoman writers Katib Celebi wrote: This is such a God-given living items.... addict for this sacrifice is worth.

Istanbul's Topkapi Palace is the home of the Turkish Ottoman Empire of Ottoman Sultan, now is planned for the Museum of cooking, the introduction of modern coffee cup origin; accepted because the upper classes of the Islamic drinks, which produced a variety of coffee mugs. Original the Turks drink coffee container, same as Ethiopia coffee cup, no handle, almost as large as the small bowl with the egg. Sultan was also helped design a cup holder, looks like an egg cup, named "ZARF".

The most vicious Sultan is the hate coffee Murad IV, shortly after the non-coffee cafe in Istanbul was razed to the ground. After the death of Murad, Istanbul cafe was gradually comeback, in ten years, Istanbul cafe is in Italy, France and Austria and other countries.

Vienna is also the founding of adding milk or creamer into the coffee, but just a guess. We only know that this is indeed the invention of the Europeans, because Turks (or Indian) think that milk mixed with coffee causes leprosy. We also know that early London also drink coffee without milk, and the rest of Italy and the Viennese possible, because they are the two countries, the European continent was first started drinking coffee, Italy cappuccino and Vienna cappuccino (Kapuziner).

In 1670, that is, the first decade of begins siege the Vienna, the world coffee materials had been found in the Ottoman Empire, when the coffee beans from Yemen, sugar from Africa. About 100 years ago, out of coffee beans stolen from Turkey had already started to flourish in the New World. To 1730, and even Turkey had a coffee products from Christian countries. In 1683, when the Turkish invasion of Vienna, a man named Peter Wander, baker did things in the middle of the night, he heard a very strange sound, and originally it was a statement of Turkish soldiers in the tunnel. He then notified the municipal officials, and the crescent-shaped bread to publicize his credit. The time bread publicity is very common.

After Turkey was defeated, Vienna used Wendell’s crescent-shaped bread (Pfizer) with coffee for breakfast. French place it changed the meaning of "le croissant”, the French is the new moon. When the Turks leave these coffee beans, coffee has been the emergence of small-scale in Vienna, London, France and the Netherlands. The first documented by Europeans coffee recorded in 1615; however, even the bravest gourmet, it was not until the latter half of the 16th century began the habit of drinking coffee.

Europe's first coffee shop was opened in Oxford, England, not long afterwards, coffee shops are appeared in London ; at this time, the Puritans also just seized control of the Parliament. "When that attractive grape hide the poison, raped the whole world, coffee, this is very beneficial alcohol, emerged to save the stomach, the brain becomes more flexible.

In 1652, in London only just a coffee shop, but in 1700, London has more than two thousand coffee shop.

Coffee and Puritan combination does not fully exist in the entire European continent. Democratic style to carry forward the most thorough is London's famous "Turks Head Coffee House" (Turk's Head Coffeehouse).

Europe's first cup of coffee, counting the two hundred years of famine and pestilence are the historical focus. Government to become more democratic, slavery has vanished, of living with unprecedented progress in the literacy of the public. The same time, the war also reduced, but they also become more brutal. Whether it is good or bad, that ancient Ethiopia coffee prayers get to know and clear response.

When the Arabs and the world are only the civilized nations of the planting and harvesting of coffee, their development is faster than any other civilization. When the Ottoman Kingdom mastered the power of coffee beans, they became powerful in the world, the most tolerant countries. Coffee earlier in the UK set off the national hegemony as well as the will to conquer the world. The French Revolution is from the Paris cafe prosperity.

The American colonies had listed tea as an illegal item, their coffee instead of tea, and then make them very powerful and advanced countries. Similarly, tea is based in Japan, now they get strong nation due to the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.

The slaves and coffee has been like a shadow, the like Oromos the coffee beans into the Hara. French government began a year the introduction of 30,000 African slaves; the aim is to become the world's largest coffee-producing country. The introduction of slaves in Brazil ranked first in the world. Brazil's growing pastoral model of the slave society, is still the basic structure of modern Brazil, only ten percent of Brazilians have 50 percent of the nation's wealth.

The coffee empire the most prosperous place in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, where planting. Four million coffee trees are a common thing.

The United States can be said that the Western world's first fully the Nation coffee trade, Jamestown colonial Captain John Smith was established in 1607. Before that, he in the Middle East has come into contact with the coffee. The Mayflower brought not only the first English Protestants in the United States, on board with ground coffee grinder and beaten with a pestle hammer.

Basically because the United Kingdom, though they have a wide colony, but are not large coffee plantations. French occupation of a part of the Caribbean, Portugal the Brazilian, and Indonesia the Dutch. This represents each of the British drink every cup of coffee, will make the competition of other European countries making his fortune.

In 1832, the United States has long been for the war, began to use caffeine to promote violence: President Andrew Jackson era has begun using coffee as a substitution of wine (each one hundred soldiers have six pounds of coffee), this change makes the soldiers to support the federal government to become the first batch of caffeine in the Civil War warrior, just like Ethiopia Oromos. According to a military documents record that the soldiers against the symbol of coffee drinking and playing in the Missouri River ", inspired the spirit of fighting. American Civil War also proved that coffee can improve the physical fitness of soldiers.

Every age the use of the coffee beans are used to their perception of reality, Ethiopia and the Middle East's first coffee teach that coffee is a window to God, even based on 18th century European human rights activists coffee to create a rational society, the emphasis on efficiency and speed of Americans, but the coffee is used for refreshing, go to more places, and do more things, but not to worry about its consequences.

Note: Whether or not this coffee journey correct or incorrect, at least, these data can be surprising for centuries.