Myanmar Small-lot Coffee

Myanmar Coffee Green Beans (5kg/vacuum pack)

Grade A
SL-34 Naturals
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SL-34 2017/18 crop

Country : Myanmar
Region : Pyin Oo Lwin (POL)
Farm : Mt. Yoma Coffee Plantation (MYCP)
Producer : William & Family
Latitude : 21•58'26"N & 96•29'7"E
Elevation : 1,200 m.a.s.l.
Climate : subtropical
Varietal : SL-34
Processed : Naturals
Remark : Single-Origin, Micro-Lot Grown
Grade : Premium A
Crop : Freshly 2017/18
Cupping Point : 86.75
Flavor Note : Amazing on the nose and flavor with banana nougat, orange, strawberry, yellow plum and milk chocolate. Smooth aftertaste, vibrant acidity and syrup body. A very clean and sweet natural.

Packing : 5 kg/vacuum bag
Price : USD12/kg (excluding Handling &Shipping)
Delivery : immediately
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SL-34 Variety

In the northeast of Myanmar, Kachin State, the local high-altitude terroir, the year can be divided into three seasons: cool, dry and rainy.

Cool season: Every year from October to February is the cool season. At this time, the weather is sunny and full of sunshine. It is the best season of harvest in Myanmar. At the same time, the monthly average temperature in the south of Yangon is generally around 30 degrees Celsius. The rest of regions then in 15 and 25 degrees Celsius. Adopting the Kenyan bean variety SL34, under the local terroir, it has stimulated a new local flavor.

The main varieties of Kenya are SL28 and SL34. It was cultivated and named by the "Scott Laboratories" laboratory in 1930.

According to SL laboratory botanists, SL28 and SL34 are genetic variants. The SL34 has a similar flavor to the SL28. In addition to the complex and varied acidity, and the excellent sweetness end, the taste is thicker, richer and cleaner than the SL28.

The SL34 has French missionaries, Bourbon, and more Typica blood. The bean looks like the SL28, but it is more adaptable to the sudden heavy rain. It is these two important varieties that lead us to know the unique Kenyan coffee beans.

Located in high-altitude climate (over 1200M) in Myanmar, as well as high and low temperature difference, and semi-shadowing conditions, we produce the strictly hard and high quality coffee beans. Reducing the sharpness of the original SL34, it is replaced by a supple, violet aroma, and an elegant finish aftertaste, with a marked increase in sweetness. Through the sun-dried method, the local wind and soil humidity is just under the sun, fully absorb the natural vitamin E. Produce a supple, lively tonality, like this new generation of coffee, be sure to give it a try.