Coffee varieties

Currently the world's major planting coffee trees are Ethiopia highlands Arabica, lowland species of African Congo Robusta coffee trees and ground coffee trees Liberica in Liberi, of which Arabica accounts for 76% of world production, because the best flavor, smell good, balanced taste, best quality, and the highest price for the mainstream market as a major reason. Arabica is divided under dozens of varieties, and the following describes are the most prevalent of the six branches beans in the list:

TYPICA : an ancient native species, was first discovered in Ethiopia, the first beans after transferred to the country, due to terrain and other natural soil and climate conditions, then derived from many variants. TYPICA flavor is sweet and clean with thick body.

BOURBON : Ethiopia, and Yamen of Arabica varieties, BOURBON coffee cherries may be general, as well as yellow, and orange, etc., Cherries get matured quickly, beans Small, and probably rendering complex flavor acidity.

GEISHA : GEISHA originally from Ethiopia was named a mountain. In 1953 it was imported from Costa Rica to Panama, because coffee production was low, and no one was willing to plant. Hacienda La Esmeralda third generation Daniel Peterson accidentally discovered this coffee on his farm, and discovered its unique aroma flavor. In 2004, Hacienda La Esmeralda, for the first time, brought Geisha to attend Panama National Coffee contest, and finally won the championship, then after four years in a row had the crown. Hacienda La Esmeralda GEISHA flavor is overall clean and bright, meticulous good, fat fine, bergamot, honey, apples, citrus, spices, flowers, berries, tea, finish and delicate aroma.

CATURRA : CATURRA is a single gene variant Bourbon, capacity and good resistance to disease than Bourbon, and the tree with shorter, easy to harvest. Bourbon beans flavor and comparable, more importantly, adapt super power, no shade trees, called Sun Coffee. CATURRA palate is with full of fruit, berry acid gas, full of rhyme aroma like blueberry, and bean itself looks hard and green, which is CATURRA greatest feature.

PACAMARA : This new bean is made via artificial binding of Pacas and Maragogype, breed a new varieties. The higher the altitude, the better the flavor of origin, is showing a balance of rich floral, and spicy.

KENYA : Arabica species of coffee are washing process, and for those who like to drink coffee sour obviously are the best choice. Although there is a distinctive coffee, but the flavor is quite in balance, so therefore still be very smooth when drinks.