緬甸地圖 (緬北高原Northern Plateau)

A major range of arabica Coffee has been planted in the upland areas, particular of central and northern areas of Myanmar at altitudes of up to 1,400 m.a.s.l., and latitudes of 24∘N. These areas have the potential to produce large quantities of high quality arabica Coffee by virtue of its highland, good quality, red soil plateaus and other suitable soils, with a well-distributed rainfall of 59 to 79 inches (1,500 to 2,500 mm) and a distinctive, essential dry season.

Mount Yoma Coffee Plantation (MYCP) is just located at 1,200 m.a.s.l. and latitudes of 21o N & 96oE.

(群山咖啡園 位於海拔約1,200米,北緯21o 以及東經96o地帶)

SL-34 Naturals Profile (SL-34日曬 概況)

Commodity (產品名稱): Coffea Arabica (origin : SL-34 Catimor 卡帝摩原生種)
Range (等級): Only Grade-1, micro-lots grown
Origin (原產國): Myanmar (緬甸) (Pyin Oo Lwin, Mandalay Div. 緬北高原)>
Supplier (供應商) : Waylead Industrial (Myanmar) Co., Ltd.
Season (產季): April to October, every single year
Harvesting (採收期): December to February of every other year (12月至隔年2月)
A.S.L. (海拔): abt. 3,500 ~ 5,500 ft (約3,500 ~ 5,500英呎)
Treatment (處理方式): Natural Sun-dried (自然日曬法)
Cup Note (杯測) : SL-34 Naturals ; 87.25. It is amazingly on nose and flavor with banana nougat, orange, strawberry, yellow plum and milk chocolate. Floral I wrote hibiscus. Smooth aftertaste, vibrant acidity and syrupy body. A very clean and sweet naturals.(香蕉味,柑橘酸味,草莓梅子果實味,中厚實牛奶巧克力味,略帶洛神花香和滑順餘味,乾淨則天然。)
Cupping Point (杯測點): abt. 87.25
Characteristics (特色): Adapting by using the natural way of plantation with natural fertilizer, and natural red soil plateaus, and all coffee are producing by organic farming (採用天然堆肥及保持自然土壤之優勢,及所有咖啡豆全採有機種植)

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