Coffee Journey



Pyin U Lwin, upper Myanmar (formerly as Burma), belongs to Mandalay division, located in Shan State upland, sea level above up to 3,500 feet, largely producing the Arabica Coffee in this area and overall annual production approximately 10,000 metric tons of green coffee beans.

By nourishing with natural sources from great motherland, the Arabica coffee here in Pyin U Lwin can grow mild and best coffee with good fragrance, aroma, flavor, and body which would notably meet with the international standard.

Pyin U Lwin has an abundant of plantations – coffee majority, strawberry, orchard, all kinds of flowers and vegetables.

Pyin U Lwin is also the center of coffee industry, distributing mostly for country wide market, and nowadays trending to be one of the country main crops to overseas marketplaces.

One is saying that “good coffee and bad coffee is determined by the climate of the place where they are growing", Pyin U Lwin is the ideal place to grow.