Coffee philosophy - FAQ

Drink black coffee is the "experts"?
Some people think that the coffee without the sugar and creamer is the way of drinking pure coffee. French coffee, and then add a lot of milk; Italy has sweetened espresso drink. In fact, the coffee does not have the right way of drinking, as long as the personal preferences of any drinking ways are suitable. Experiencing the bitter taste, sour, sweet taste, and even excellent flavor of coffee, to be drinking black coffee really taste the flavor of the coffee!

Will vary due to a variety of cafes, and beans baking?
Purchasing coffee beans would be divided by roasted coffee beans from the manufacturers or the coffee shop, and retail stores, according to personal preference on behalf of baking. Baking vendors and cafes are some differences, even baking the same, there will be different on the aroma and flavor.

Example : Shop A and B store, specified Colombian coffee roasting city roast ",
the results of Shop A baked deep than Shop B, this situation can often be seen.

Brewing coffee has certain rules?
Every instrument has a certain use. Basically it is accustomed to the operation of each equipment. In order to brew a delicious coffee, apart from a variety of rules and techniques, in other words, just brew coffee there is a different personal way. Although the most convenient apparatus is filtering paper dropping method, but of choice should be used with coffee beans, roast, grind, warm water temperature, temperature of hot water, hot water injection, extraction time and other factors, in order to brew a cup of delicious coffee. This is because each cup of coffee has a unique personality, the subtleties of coffee.

Is iced coffee created by the Japanese?
With iced coffee is indeed by the Japanese in original. Early coffee shop in Europe or United States, a single cup of iced coffee, just in front of a cold cup of coffee, which would not have ice. The countries of Japan is a drinking unboiled water body, so the only association in the iced coffee into the idea of ice.

Taste of black coffee, there will be an sweet flavor, where does this sweet taste come from where?
Beans contain 5% to 10% sugar. Because it is baked at high temperatures, it is a part becomes caramel (dark brown bitter substance), the formation of the aroma of coffee and bitter ingredients. The remaining caramel becomes sweet ingredients. In addition, the extraction of tannin astringency of good quality baked beans, there will be a little sweet taste. There are three major tastes - bitter, sour, sweet taste in the coffee. The tongue is easier to feel bitter and sour, but it is difficult to feel its sweet taste. In addition, deep roasted is relatively strong, bitterness and lightly roasted gets sour. The sweet taste due to the types of coffee beans varies, but the moderate baking to the micro depth of baking, it is easier to feel the sweet taste. Made on the quality of coffee beans, it can be good tasting the bitter taste and brought some little sweetness.

Coffee will skin the impact?
Rumors said a cup of coffee easy to make the skin being darken. In fact, the skin of Melanin pigment and the color of coffee, a completely different composition, but many women still worry about this problem. However, coffee and does not lead to skin darkening. Instead, the coffee can improve metabolic function, activation of the digestive organs, and therefore has the effect of eliminating constipation.

Constipation problem once is solved; rough skin will be solved together. About 40 years ago, a singer Ababa Rennes, tried to use the coffee to Bath. She said: "The coffee bath can effectively eliminate the body fat, but unfortunately, coffee does not have ingredients that can reach a weight loss or effect.

A sand bath to the same treatment, then use a hyperthermia of the coffee powder residue, which belongs to the warm protection body, promote perspiration, in order to achieve the weight loss effect.

It is said that coffee can sober up, really?
Yes. The caffeine contained in coffee, can be activated in the liver and kidney function. Drinking a cup of coffee after drinking can accelerate the transformation of ethanol by alcohol after oxidation will break down into carbon dioxide and water, and then excreted, in fact, black tea and green tea have the same effect.

Drinking after drinking a cup of coffee, try it!

Often hear "gourmet coffee", it is what kind of coffee?
In recent years the United States, the rise is a high quality coffee. The coffee
beans are lightly roasted, of a light taste of "American coffee". In fact, this is the western United States where the most popular way of drinking. Today while the depth of baking the city roast, high roast for the mainstream. New York everywhere, everywhere, the use of high-quality coffee beans coffee shop. This is all kinds of coffee, coffee culture was born out of the new mainstream.

Why does the European coffee tray deeper?
In Imari, Japan, is famous for burning pottery, which was spread to Europe around 1650. (European countries did not have this technology of the manufacture of white magnetic burning porcelain, then the prices are as much as gold and silver at that period of time). Because it does not handle, European people used to take coffee tray (upright) to enjoy a hot coffee, so in 1790 alchemists Beiduo Ka, in Meissen kilns successfully imitated the Kakiemon pottery, this technique was being to introduce to European countries.

It is said that coffee can hurt stomach, Really?
Suffering from digestive organs diseases caused by mucosal inflammation, such

as : gastritis, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, the tannins in coffee will stimulate the affected area, in particular, the deepest in the stimulation of hot coffee. Instead, the caffeine in coffee can help gastrointestinal motility, so drinking the right amount of coffee after a meal to prevent indigestion. However, the stomach has been suffering from the disease; you can not rely on coffee to treatment. Who stay up late, often a lot of drinking coffee to refreshing, but must fit the individual constitution, fully adjustable coffee concentration.

Pregnant women are forbidden to drink coffee?
FDA Bureau survey results indicated that: "drinking coffee does not give birth to a morbid child."
As long as drinking 1 to 2 cups a day, and it does not cause any problem. It should be noted that, just after production of that period, breast-feeding before drinking coffee or caffeine and other stimulating things through breast milk into the baby's body. Within three months after production is best not to drink coffee.

What kind of nutrition does coffee have ?
coffee contains nicotinic acid and vitamin B, and baked beans contains nutrients than raw beans. There are also free fatty acids, organic acids, caffeine, tannin, fenugreek alkali and other. Although coffee contains calories, but the coffee itself is a low-calorie drinks, if you add sugar or milk at this time the heat is improved.

Always want to eat dessert in the fatigue, so eating chocolate cake, like black coffee, and always want to drink milk and sweets, this is because the body issued need to heat the message. It seems that coffee milk but contains sufficient nutrition!

Tasting coffee so-called school-age period?
of coffee and tobacco and alcohol together side by side for three hobby goods.

In this sense, to explain, after entering the adult stage can be said that the coffee-age period. The biggest feature of the coffee is bitter. Therefore take more time to get used to a sense of bitter taste in the delicious, delicious in taste and flavor, and to understand the atmosphere of the coffee taste. Like coffee, the more know how to grab a coffee tasting family of this group is also known as coffee fanatics.

Please tell how to modulation of the more delicious instant coffee?
Brewing instant coffee is the first coffee powder into the cup, and then injected
into the hot water. Although it is very convenient, but it is necessary to the next point effort. In milk heated pan, put the number of people coffee powder (a person 3g), and then injected into the number of people one of the hot water (140cc), fire heating. Turn off the heat immediately after boiling. That is able to eliminate the instant coffee unique odor, and become difficult to talk about coffee. To add creamer or sugar, first into the sugar to make coffee more taste.

Introducing you to the International Coffee Exchange?
Brazil Coffee Exchange in Sao Paulo, but two of the world's largest coffee exchange is located in New York (New York Coffee, Sugar, Cocoa Exchange) and London (London Commodity Exchange), the former is mainly produced for Central and South America Arabi cards, the latter capacity for African Robusta in exchange transactions. Forecast three months in advance, an annual production for the six months to carry out the transaction, coffee is one of agricultural products, and therefore vulnerable to climate affect the quality and yield, and also with the international exchange rate changes, so a risk is quite high the work. However, the daily exchange rate movements affect the price and demand of the consuming countries, often subject to the concern of the countries in the world.

Why is difficult to order Brazilian Santos No. 2, and screen 18?
Store or sales of beans baked beans store, lined with all kinds of types of coffee beans, but a closer look, but few formal varieties of the stores will be marked out in detail the coffee beans. Upstream of the retailer called the supplier, while others are wholesalers alone the creation of brand supply some only marked the words of Brazilian goods such as Colombia. Store high-quality credit, and often can be seen clearly labeled with the word “Brazilian Santos” No.2 Screen 18 or Columbia Split Raymond.
Because the clerk is not fully conversant with the coffee beans, even if the inquiry can not get the answer., in addition, marked the "Mocha modulation coffee" Kilimanjaro, modulation coffee, coffee beans, should belong to Mocha (Yemen or Ethiopia), accounting for more than 30%, Kilimanjaro, are also accounted for 30% content of blended coffee.

Coffee can eliminate the effect of fatigue?
To eliminate fatigue, the first re: 1) supplementary nutrition 2) rest or sleep) to promote the metabolism, but the coffee was a third factor. It can promote the function of the heart stolen, promote blood circulation, accelerate the supply of oxygen or nutrients to the body, and able to handle the accumulation of waste within the liver stolen, and excreted. Coffee Tony enhance metabolism, reduce fatigue effect. Unable to rest or get sleep time, chocolate cake and coffee, and help to recover.

Coffee how to play a clear mind and restore the spirit of the effect?
Excited about the role of the so-called caffeine stimulate the brain, enhance the ability to think. Since ancient times, many writers, artists, scholars, working hours are required to rely on drinking coffee to agitate the brain. When we drink a cup of coffee in the morning, get a clear head, ready for the day began to do a good job is a perfect portrayal. Agitate the minds of the sympathetic nervous system fatigue, in contrast, the bitterness of the coffee through the salivary glands of communication to stimulate the parasympathetic, in order to maintain the balance of the autonomic nervous system. However, the neural effects of coffee really can not be ignored. The modern spirit of fatigue is more than physical fatigue, thus causing the pressure. Work come to an end after a short break to chat with colleagues or friends, and in addition can improve interpersonal relations, but also to eliminate the stress and frayed nerves, so the coffee drinks belonging to the treatment of the "soul".

Coffee for what sugar?
If it is easy to read, the best coffee flavor is not required to use sugar, but add a little sugar in the coffee, drinking up the sweet. Coffee sugar can be divided into white sugar, red coffee sugar, sugar, white sugar, crystal sugar, brown sugar, brown sugar on the election. If you want to lose weight, the use of synthetic sweet taste materials, iced coffee crystal sugar or fructose. To select what kind of sugar is according to personal preference, but add the excess will drain the coffee flavor.

There are all kinds of cream, the choice which one?
Added creamer to the deep roasted coffee can enhance the taste. However, mild roasted coffee, the combination will occur due to the the creamer proteins and tannins, while the loss of flavor. The creamer species can be divided into the solution of the cream, milk, powdered creamer (processing synthetic creamer), sugar-free sweetened condensed milk, and sweetened condensed milk. Although according to the purposes to be used, but these are generally the uses of whipped cream (milk fat of more than 20%). It is quite easy to be dissolved in the coffee inside, emitting a smooth taste. Powdered creamer is easy to save, even if added to coffee, the taste does not become light, it will not easily reduce coffee temperature, but the flavor is somewhat more fragile.